Is Zayn Malik the next Justin Timberlake ?

Being in a popular boy band is probably one of the most enviable jobs out there, I mean you get the money, the fame, success and most importantly, the women. Anyone who would actually put that status on the line and try to go solo deserves our utmost respect. This is why I decided to pay close attention to Zayn Malik as soon as I heard he wanted to quit One Direction.


To be honest I’ve never really paid attention to 1D and besides the fact that I know they were discovered on X Factor by Simon Cowell and that all the members are from the UK, I don’t really know much about them. But the thing about me, is that I always crave an improbable story and I’m always on the lookout to see who’s going to takeover the music industry for the years to come.

Zayn Malik 

Just like Justin Timberlake with N’Sync back in the days, Zayn Malik is forfeiting a guaranteed pay check to steer away from that candy pop sound that has been One Direction’s trademark to embrace a more grown up and urban sound resembling modern age r&b, the move has paid tremendous dividends in the past for Timberlake who smartly associated himself with the Neptunes in the process.


For his debut album, Malik has decided to choose the man behind the classic album Channel Orange from Frank Ocean, James ‘Malay’ ho, which actually adds to the anticipation for the album. If PillowTalk is any indication of how the album will sound, I believe that we might me in for a treat, in the meanwhile we’re just going to have to wait until March 25th 2016 to see if it was all worth it.


Zayn – PillowTalk