Super Tuesday Predictions

March 15, 2016 roothknows 0

The last few days have been quite eventful during the campaign trail leading up to tonight’s primaries. There will several crucial states up for grabs tonight and we should have a much better idea of what to expect going forward. My first prediction for tonight is that Donald Trump will not […]

The Trump Effect

December 17, 2015 roothknows 0

I’m not the biggest fan of politics, I believe that politicians are put in place to serve the interest of the people who help elect them, which are… the corporations. Until I see major changes to the way political parties are funded, I’m going to have a hard time to […]

Can you read this ?

September 11, 2015 roothknows 0

This afternoon I took a walk, it was a short one, about 25 minutes from school to work. I also drank about 8 glasses of water because i’m thirsty like that. The reason why i’m exposing random facts about my daily routine is because all these things that I mentioned […]